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Defence Force Welfare Association (QLD Branch) Inc Victoria Barracks Brisbane ENOGGERA QLD 4051

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Tuesday - Wednesday 1000 - 1400
Telephone: (07) 3233 4480
Email: qldbranch@dfwa.org.au

Office Bearers

President: John Lowis

Executive Vice President: Robert Shortridge

Vice President: Pat Jackman

Secretary: Deborah Keir

Treasurer: Walter Buldo

Vice President Sunshine Coast: Win Fowles

Vice President Far NQ: Ray Martin

Hotline Editor: Ray Gibson

Email: qldbranch@dfwa.org.au

QUEENSLAND STATE ELECTION - Summary of Parties’ Positions on Issues Affecting Former and Current ADF Members and Their Families.

DFWA contacted the ALP, LNP, Greens, One Nation and Katter Parties and sought their position on veteran issues which fall under the remit of the State and  that had been raised through the Qld Veterans Advisory Council, or by DFWA,  other ESO and community groups.

All parties responded except the Katter Party. Actual Party responses are here. The Summary Status Report (current as of 18 Nov 2017)  is here

DFWA is apolitical and non-partisan and offers no recommendation regarding voting nor any indication on the value of the political party pledges and undertakings. Without going into a “how to suck eggs” discussion, it is suggested that views of Independents, candidates from other parties not included in the Summary, and of candidates from the above parties in your own electorate,  should be sought to help make your own decision. Questioning party workers and candidates can only increase the influence of the Defence Community now and in future State and Federal elections.

DFWA (Qld) is grateful that the political parties now recognise the value of former and serving ADF members and their families sufficient to respond to the DFWA request. In the past there has been no interest in veteran family issues at State elections.


DFWA strongly supports the proposal to establish the Ex-ADF Community Support Services Hub in Townsville, known in the ESO community as 'The Oasis Townsville'. The proposal originated from the collaboration of all ESOs in Townsivlle. These ESOs  have been working with Townsville City Council, Queensland State Government and the local business community to centralise the referral for services of the various ESOs into a single facility. This Oasis gives ex-ADF members and their families one place to go to find answers and identify disparate and specialised services provided by ESOs that are spread throughout Townsiville. The ESO assessment of the need has been reinforced strongly by the findings of the Federal Minister for Health trial being conducted in Townsville to support the prevention of suicide in the ex-ADF community. Townsville is one of 12 National Suicide Prevention Trial sites around Australia, and the only one dealing with the ex-ADF community. The Townsville project is known as Operation Compass. The Oasis Townsville is the single biggest issue for the ex-ADF community in Townsville and has had the effect of banding ESOs, the Townsville community and veterans of all generations together very strongly to find a solution to simplifying effective access to services for ex-ADF members and their families.  Read more about the proposal here

18 November 2017: MORE ON THE PROPOSED EX-ADF COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES HUB. Here is more information about The Oasis Townsville ....http://www.theoasistownsville.org.au/