Media Releases

DFWA Media Releases and some ADSO Media Releases will be shown here

13 December 2017: Media Release - Calls to clarify the Terms of Reference of the Royal Commission into Banking and Superannuation.

12 August 2017: Media Release - DFWA Leadership Change

13 June 2017 - Media Release - Government Offers Offsets-Free ADF Py Rise

7 March 2017 - Media Release - Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Digital Readiness and Other Measures) Bill 2016

12 August 16 - Media Release - Government Initiatives on Employment and Mental Health Support

16 June 16 - Media Release - Recognition that ADF Pay System is Broken

Media 23 September 2008
Review Into Defence Mental Health Care Services
Media 14 May 2008
2008-2009 Budget Response - Sort of OK as far as it goes for Service personnel.
Media 1 May 2008
Budget Day – Time for Fairness for Military Retirees? - Pension Indexation
27 March 2008
Response to the Discussion Paper on the Consultative Forum (CF) for the Family Study Program (FSP) and the Vietnam Veterans’ Family Study (VVFS)
Media 28 February 2008
Report of the Review of Military Superannuation DFWA’s Initial Concerns
Media 1 November 2007
Candidates in the Hot Seat (with SCOA)
Media 11 October 2007
Forgotten Veterans (Tax Treatment Permanent Invalidity)
Media 20 September 2007
Indexation of War Widows’ Pensions
Media 18 September 2007
Erosion of Military Pensions
Media 12 September 2007
PM’s Moves on Military Pension Indexation Welcomed