Conditions Of Service

One of DFWA's roles is to advocate improved conditions of service for ADF members and their families.  Our formal involvement in CoS matters involves us as:
- an intervener at the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal; and
- as the “Defence Employee Representative” on the Public Safety Industry Reference Council sponsored by Australian Industry Skills (AIS). AIS manages nationally ecognized competency standards and qualifications for Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments; Local Government; Defence, Fire, Police, emergency services and management and marine rescue; and Correctional services.
In addition we advocate directly with the Department of Defence / ADF on individual matters of concern that any members brings to our attention.
More topical CoS matters are also discussed in our magazine Camaraderie, especially in our "Cpl Cosmo" articles.

ADF members or their families are invited to bring any ADF Conditions of Service matters to the attention of our Vice President, Conditions of Service.  Your anonominity is assured.


Some related articles of interest (prior to 2012) are shown below.  More current matters will be added to this page in the coming months.

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