Bereavement Support


The death of a partner is a stressful time.  Unfortunately there are many things that need to be done very soon after the death and, if not done properly, can have a lasting effect upon a surviving partner and any other dependants.  There are also many actions that can be taken before a death, regardless of age or circumstance that will make it easier for those left behind.

DFWA has attempted to provide some guidelines and links to useful sites which we hope will assist in putting ones affairs in order as well as providing some guidance in the event of the death of a partner either in Service or as an Ex Service ADF member.

In the event of a death, it is recommended that the surviving partner finds a mentor who can assist with decisions and paperwork.  If the deceased was still serving, assistance from the Defence Community Organisation will be automatic.  If the deceased was Ex-Service, immediate assistance usually comes from the family but a welfare, pensions officer or advocate from an Ex Service organisation (ESO), eg the DFWA, Legacy or the RSL, can assist.

We hope that the information provided on this site will be of particular assistance to family and friends who may not be familiar with the various organisations associated with a military death.  Through necessity there will be some duplication but there are also some significant differences.

  • For information about how to get your affairs in order to lessen the impact of your death upon your partner, CLICK HERE.
  • For information about what happens when a serving member of the ADF dies, CLICK HERE.
  • For information about what happens when a Recipient of a Comsuper or DVA person dies and there is a surviving partner, CLICK HERE

Two short articles developed by the ACT Defence Widows' Group may be of use for printing and distribution.

  • What Happens to Your Partner when You Die - CLICK HERE
  • Meeting the Challenge – Helpful Advice for the Newly Bereaved - CLICK HERE

Please note that these documents and the advice provided in them are given in good faith and are correct, to the best of our knowledge, at September 2016. 

You are encouraged to provide feedback or advice as you wish on these documents - simply contact the DFWA.



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