Current Policy Objectives

DFWA current (2019) Objectives are as follows:

  • Promote a Military/Veterans Covenant;
  • Seek fair indexation and revision of military superannuation benefits;
  • Seek adequate veterans’ disability compensation payments for the TPI/Special Rate;
  • Support retention of a Department of Veterans Affairs to provide effective and efficient legislated veterans support programs.

The order of the Objectives detailed above is not meant to signify their relative importance. Each is important and DFWA seeks either redress or a fix of them all at the earliest possible time. 

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Our lapsed 2016-2017 Policy Objectives are : here


The ADSO has released a Media Statement that ‘hard’ launches its Objectives to all Media outlets and to all sides of politics, including the Independents vying for election/re-election. DFWA is a major partner with the ADSO.

The Statement acknowledges both the Government’s and the Opposition’s recently release veterans’ policies, many of which are arguably worth while in themselves but do not again specifically address the many issues for which redress has been sought over a long period of time. The inquiry into DFRDB commutation now supported by all sides of politics provides some hope that most other aspects to the unsatisfactory elements of that scheme will be exposed in a way that there will be no option but to force onto the decision makers in the 46th Parliament a need to fix the wrongs that have been so evident for so long. The lead up to the forthcoming election will provide opportunities for campaigning in that regard. Read the objectives here and the related ADSO media release.