Reserves Support

DFWA has an interest in Reserves issues and publishes regular updates on Reserve matters in its magazine Camaraderie.
Support for Reservists Returning from Operational Deployment is a current issue of interest.  There is no formal structure to “demobilise” Reservists back into their/our community. In fact, until recently there has also been little informal support of them or structure to assist with their “normalisation”. It is not a problem unless Reservists have had an experiential problem from their service or arrive home to a domestic or employment issue. The challenge is for Defence to develop processes to support a disparate group of individuals that are geographically scattered when they have completed their deployment. The Department has made considerable improvements on this issue but there needs to be a review of the effectiveness of the current policy and the development of a more robust process to support members and families of the ADF reserves on deployment and on return from operational deployments.
Reservists are encouraged to support the Defence Reserves Association.
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