WA Funeral Services


InvoCare's WA funeral provider is listed below.  A flyer can be downloaded.


Purslowe Funerals

Fremantle 08 9335 4111

Midland 08 9274 3866

North Perth 08 9444 4835

Victoria Park 08 9361 1185

Wangara 08 9409 9119


$500 Off Funerals for DFWA Members

InvoCare is DFWA’s sponsor, and funeral companies operating in WA under the InvoCare banner include:

Purslowe Funerals, Simplicity Funerals, Oakwood Funerals, Christian Funerals, Green Endings, Chipper Funerals and Mareena Purslowe.

Each of these companies has an understanding of the customs of the ADF built over many years of experience, so they have learned the sensitivities, traditions and subtle protocols that defence families expect.

Each company offers DFWA members a $500 discount off the cost of a funeral (and prepaid funerals) for a close family member, but please remember, you need to request this discount BEFORE payment of the account.

You can see InvoCare's locations in other states by using the links below: