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    Past Newsletters

    National Newsletter – October 2021

    In this edition: Covid Vaccination Certificates and DVA Gold Cards • National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention • Summary Discipline Reform • Education Curriculum • Election • Royal Commission Update

    National Newsletter – August 2021

    In this edition: Senate Inquiry into Accuracy of Information Provided to DFRDB Members • Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide • Capability of the Australian Public Service – Senate Hearings • Afghanistan Inquiry Reform Plan • New Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Defence Personnel • Latest Camaraderie

    National Newsletter – June 2021

    In this edition: Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide • Productivity Commission Report Recommendations • Senate Inquiry Into Accuracy of Information Provided to DFRDB Members • Hearing Aids • DFRDB and Military Super Invalidity Benefits • Medicare Benefits Schedule Changes

    National E-News – March 2021

    In this edition of the DFWA National E-News: Operational vs Non-Operational Service | DFRDB and MSBS Invalidity Benefits Taxation | Seeking Community Feedback on Government Services Performance.

    National E-News – April 2020

    In this edition: Contemporary Veterans’ Issues | Superannuation Invalidity Benefits and Family Law Asset Splitting | Retrospective Medical Discharges and Tax Protocols | The Unique Nature of Military Service
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