Welcome to DFWA

Welcome to the
Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA)


We exist simply to foster the best interests and welfare of all members of the Australian Defence Force and their families in any matter likely to affect them during or after their period of service.

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We are also a member of the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations (ADSO), which comprises many of Australia's major military ex service organisations (ESO). The Alliance represents a significant number of members of Australia's Defence Family on national advocacy and representative matters to the Australian Parliament and all political parties. Its aim is to promote and protect the conditions and well-being of the Defence Family that embraces over three million people.


WRA UPDATE - 28 APRIL 2017.  Read a notice on this at CURRENT ISSUES / WRA.

2017 SUBMISSION ON REDUCTION OF DFRDB BENEFITS.  On 16 February 2017 Herb Ellercock made a detail submission to expose a gross reduction and denial of recipient benefits in the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB) scheme. Some aspects apply equally to recipients in the Defence Force Retirement Benefits (DFRB) scheme.  Read his detailed submission here.  A response from Government has not yet been received.

THE SUPERANNUATION CHANGES FROM 1 JULY 2017 - The Fair and Sustainable Superannuation Act 2016.  DFWA is seeking urgent advice to clarify some issues with the Act and how the provisions are being applied to a typical unfunded untaxed DRFDB (Defined Benefits [DB]) superannuation.  Read more at CURRENT ISSUES / SUPERANNUATION

DHOAS and the FRINGE BENEFITS TAX – A WARNING ! (30 March 2017).   The DFWA recently received advice from a member that DHOAS customers need to be aware of, relating to the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) changes in relation to Centrelink payments that almost cost the member $22000. Any member that may be affected should of course seek advice from Centrelink and/or your accountant.  His note can be found at Other Issues (at the left of this page).

THE DVA DIGITAL READINESS BILL The Digital Readiness Bill - with amendments that ensured the privacy of veterans' personal information - was passed on 27 March 2017. Read more at CURRENT ISUES / OTHER ISSUES 

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