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    Past Newsletters

    National Newsletter – July 2022

    In this edition: Non-Liability Health Care for Reservists • Federal Election • CPI Indexation • Book Giveaway • Draft Legislation – Veteran Superannuation Invalidity Benefit Taxation • Census Data • Latest Camaraderie • Exploring the Concept of the Veteran as a Sovereign Asset • Royal Commission Update

    National Newsletter – May 2022

    In this edition: Review of Medallic Recognition for RCB • Royal Commission Update • The Douglas Case and Invalidity Benefit Taxation • Federal Election 2022 • The Boys Case

    National Newsletter – March 2022

    In this edition: Budget 2022 • Fair Indexation of Defence Force Superannuation Pensions • Veteran Families Study • Public Trustee • Senator Kitching • Mefloquine and Tafenoquine • Update on Taxation of DFRDB and Military Super Invalidity Benefits • Royal Commission Update

    National Newsletter – January 2022

    In this edition: Free Rapid Antigen Tests for Veteran Card Holders • Taxation of Veteran Invalidity Benefits • Senate Committee Interim Report – Australia’s Engagement in Afghanistan • Paying for Veteran Healthcare • Royal Commission Update

    National Newsletter – October 2021

    In this edition: Covid Vaccination Certificates and DVA Gold Cards • National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention • Summary Discipline Reform • Education Curriculum • Election • Royal Commission Update
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