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The Defence Force Welfare Association is an independent voice for Australian Defence Force members, veterans, and their families.

We advocate to government on matters affecting the welfare of this group of Australians, including:

  • ADF Pay and Conditions of Service
  • Rehabilitation of Injured Veterans
  • Compensation for Service Injuries
  • Retirement and Superannuation
  • Improving Service Delivery
  • Veteran Recognition

You can read more about our major policy objectives, here.

The Defence Force Welfare Association is funded by branch membership fees and donations.

Our Current Focus

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    Latest Updates

    Administrative Review Reform Submission

    On 16 December 2022, the Government announced reform to Australia’s system of administrative review. This reform will abolish the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and establish a new federal administrative review body.

    Drop Schedule 9 of the Treasury Laws Amendment (2022 No 4) Bill

    Veteran Superannuation Invalidity Benefits are not paid for life, and Government can review or cancel them at any time up to the age of 55. They should not be taxed as if they are a permanent benefit. Tell the Government to drop Schedule 9 of the Treasury Laws Amendment (2022 No 4) Bill

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