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An Independent Voice

The Defence Force Welfare Association is an independent voice for Australian Defence Force members, veterans, and their families.

We advocate to government on matters affecting the welfare of this group of Australians, including:

  • ADF Pay and Conditions of Service
  • Rehabilitation of Injured Veterans
  • Compensation for Service Injuries
  • Retirement and Superannuation
  • Improving Service Delivery
  • Veteran Recognition

The Defence Force Welfare Association is funded by branch membership fees and donations.

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Our Current Focus

Budget 2020-21: Outcomes for Veterans and their Families

On 6th October 2020, the Treasurer handed down the 2020-21 Federal Budget that reflects the extraordinary year in Australian history. Through unprecedented spending, the budget aims to fight off the coronavirus recession and address the economic and health challenges emerging from the pandemic. Here are the biggest measures affecting veterans and…
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Veteran Invalidity Benefit Taxation

Invalidity benefits paid through Defence Force superannuation schemes are generally taxed at a higher rate than invalidity benefits paid through civilian superannuation insurance schemes.
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Latest Updates

National E-News – March 2021

In this edition of the DFWA National E-News: Operational vs Non-Operational Service | DFRDB and MSBS Invalidity Benefits Taxation | Seeking Community Feedback on Government Services Performance.

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