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Disability Superannuation Benefit Modification Calculator

This calculator demonstrates how the tax you pay on your DFRDB or Military Superannuation pension may be affected if your pension is classed as a disability superannuation benefit.

Use this calculator if:

  • You receive DFRDB or Military Superannuation Class A or B invalidity benefits AND
  • Those invalidity benefits commenced on or after 20 September 2007 (i.e. CSC made its decision about your incapacity after that date – payments can be backdated before this date).

This calculator is unsuitable for those who changed from DFRDB to Military Super, or who have multiple or broken periods of service.

The calculations are general in nature and may not take into account all of your individual circumstances. The calculations should not be considered as financial, tax, or legal advice. DFWA is not a financial, legal, or taxation adviser. DFWA recommends seeking advice from the appropriate professional when considering these issues.

Your Service Details

Your Current Pension Details

Your initial pension payment letter or annual pension CPI indexation letter from CSC contains the pension components needed for the calculator. Look for: tax-free fortnightly component, taxable taxed fortnightly component, and taxable untaxed fortnightly component.

Current Pension Tax Free Component

Current Pension Taxable Components