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Media Release: Productivity Commission’s Draft Report Into Compensation and Rehabilitation for Veterans Welcomed

The Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) welcomes both the release today of the Productivity Commission’s draft report into compensation and rehabilitation for veterans, and the Veterans’ Affairs Minister’s statement that none of the Commission’s recommendations had been accepted or rejected.

In commenting on the draft report, the National President of DFWA, Kel Ryan, stated that he looked forward to working with the Commission, the Government, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the wider Defence community to work towards outcomes that not only put the well-being of veterans and their families first but are ones that are at the forefront of world best practice in providing support to them.

In that regard, Kel Ryan wished to encourage an open mind to likely inevitable change to redress what most in the veterans’ community believe to be fundamental flaws in the way service to them is delivered today.

Most agree that the veteran compensation and rehabilitation system is not fit for purpose. Notwithstanding some recent improvements in many DVA-related processes through its transformation initiatives, the Department is largely a dated one and not working in the best interests of veterans and their families.

The Defence Force Welfare Association, along with its partners in the Alliance of Defence Service Organisations, will be making written submissions on the Productivity Commission’s draft report and looks forward to participating in the planned public hearings and discussing the issues at hand with the Commissioners.


National President
Kel Ryan
0418 759 120

Executive Director
Alf Jaugietis
0438 282 284