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Workplace Remuneration Arrangement 2020-2023


The Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA) is the framework through which annual salary and salary-related allowance adjustments are provided for ADF members, and forms part of the total remuneration package.

The WRA impacts some payments to veterans by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, such as those received under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA) and Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-Related Claims) Act 1988 (DRCA) that are linked to ADF salaries and allowances.

The current WRA (2017-2020) is due to expire in November 2020. The current WRA consisted of a 2% increase per annum, over the three years of the arrangement.

A New Arrangement

Defence will start development of a new arrangement during 2020, with a view to having it in place by the time the current WRA expires. The Defence Force Welfare Association will again monitor the development of what the Commonwealth and ADF may offer, and represent the interests of members of the ADF at the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.

The Defence Force Welfare Association is an authorised intervener at the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.

Legislative Basis

The Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal is an independent statutory body established pursuant to the Defence Act 1903.   Matters referred to the Tribunal are typically considered in one of two ways:  pursuant to Section 58H of the Act, or pursuant to Section 58KD of the Act. 

Section 58H allows the Tribunal to inquire into and determine the salaries and relevant allowances to be paid to members, or in respect of other matters brought before it.  A matter referred under Section 58H therefore allows the Tribunal to either accept, reject, or change it according to their own consideration. In this way the Tribunal’s powers are not limited: it may agree to the proposal brought before it, or dismiss it, or determine changes to it. 

By contrast, Section 58KD of the Act states the Tribunal may, in making a determination, only give effect to any agreement reached between the Parties (that is, the Minister (acting on behalf of the Commonwealth) and the CDF (acting on behalf of all ADF members), or reject it.  The Tribunal has no authority to change the proposal or make other Determination in its consideration.. This significantly limits the Tribunal’s authority.

Historically, Workplace Remuneration Arrangements are always brought to the Tribunal as matters agreed between the Parties, and so are typically the only occasions where Section 58KD is used. 

Finally, Section 58B refers to those matters that the Minister can directly control, and are outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. In this case it refers to matters relating to changes that the Department of Defence can levy on members – such as GRS, rations and quarters, etc.


06 August 2020

WRA 2020 Update

DFWA thanks those who recently made comment on the proposed new Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA 2020) for the ADF.  Most responses were generally in agreement with the proposed new salary arrangements, however some did make reference to what may be happening with rents on DHA housing and whether the proposed…

06 August 2020
10 April 2020

Delay in ADF Wage Case

The current ADF pay arrangement is about to expire, and a new Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA) for three years was scheduled to commence at the end of this year.  DFWA will be involved again in the WRA process and will provide an independent voice to ensure the interests of members…

10 April 2020
01 July 2019

ADF Workplace Remuneration Arrangement 2020-23

On 16 August 2017 the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal (DFRT) sat to consider the Offer made by the Commonwealth and ADF for the ADF Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA) 2017-2020. Basically, the Offer called for an annual increase in ADF Remuneration of 2% per annum in each of the three years. That…

01 July 2019